Psycomedia Episode 43 – Swann and Fell Meet Frankenpodcast

Psycomedia Episode 43 – Swann and Fell Meet Frankenpodcast

A quotation regarding Abbott and Costello:

“Initially, the similarities between their voices made it difficult for listeners (as opposed to stage audiences) to tell them apart due to their rapid-fire repartee. The problem was solved by having Costello affect a high-pitched childish voice.”

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Breaking Paralympics Ceremony news:

Thanks to Jim for featuring us. His website is here: There may be fewer jokes but there is some great psychology, treated more thoughtfully  than Tim could ever manage.

Adam Smith is a very different Batman to Adam West:

This is a monkey pimp:

Jeffery West doesn’t need to fund fake research to sell shoes that are THIS shiny?:

Not Media Of The Week:

Maserati – Monoliths/Thieves:

Gangnam Style:

Star Wars Theme Disco:

Channel 4’s Amazing ‘Meet the Superhumans’ with music from Public Enemy:

Media of the Week:

Some Rastamouse:


The first page of Video Nasties which can read fully online:

Or buy it here:;jsessionid=53997CF81A5CA65AF0A7756B91B7DC19

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A culpa França

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Outra Semana Skip

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Nossas desculpas

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Psycomedia Episode 0 – Welkom bij Psycomedia

Psycomedia Episode 42 – Tim is an Illusion. Lunch-Tim Doubly So.

Psycomedia Episode 42 – Tim is an Illusion. Lunch-Tim Doubly So.


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Ben spent this week trying to do this:

He looks like this in the gym:

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Media of the Week:

Darksiders 2!

Muse – Madness

Oh, it’s a snake, oh, it’s a snake!

A cool video about Saccades:

Is that a secret button?

Psycomedia Episode 41 – Dem Nerves, Dem Nerves, Dem Myelinated Nerves

Psycomedia Episode 41 – Dem Nerves, Dem Nerves, Dem Myelinated Nerves


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Nicht Lusting  can be found at (or for the English version).

Peter send us this one:

Bane: Football Manager –

Credit must go to @Clarkythecruel who sent it in to @TVThatNeverWas

If you want to play Just Cause 2 Multiplayer, go to this website and also add tetrarchangel or yalphaath on Steam

Media of the Week

Doomtree (an indie rap collective)

Do The Right Thing (a podcast panel game)

(This clip ironically fits with the fertility goddess thing)

Fertility Goddesses:

Top Social Psychologist Sir Mix-A-Lot:

Selected excerpts from his discourse on Cosmopolitan and body image:

  • I’m tired of magazines

Sayin’ flat butts are the thing

  • Yeah, baby … when it comes to females, Cosmo ain’t got nothin’

to do with my selection. 36-24-36? Ha ha, only if she’s 5’3″.

  • So Cosmo says you’re fat

Well I ain’t down with that!

  • Sociological analyses show

That if you look at Cosmo

It is as sexist as Playboy, yo.

Psycomedia Episode 40 – Explaining the Myspace Photo Effect

Psycomedia Episode 40 – Explaining the Myspace Effect

URINALS ARE BARBARIC only gets three Google results. Let the campaign begin. might have some answers on the bisexual brain front. Otherwise, the Internet gives us this:

There is no picture of the interrobang comma, but it is patented:

Basically, for anti-signing, I need these:


My deliberately bad photoshop of General Griskevicius:

Awkward Speed Dating:

The Beer Holder t-shirt:

A right Sulikowski:


  • Burke, D., & Sulikowski, D. (2010). A new viewpoint on the evolution of sexually dimorphic human faces. Evolutionary Psychology, 8(4), 573-585.
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Psycomedia Episode 39 – The Trees Have Been Felled

Psycomedia Episode 39 – The Trees Have Been Felled

Babies reaching:

The cartoons used by Kohn, Spheer and Qube:

A table of drinks and desserts in terms of their gender identity:

Google Images’ take on masculine vs. feminine food:

Sarah Haskins talks yoghurt:

The body fat of pole vaulters calls this advert into question. Primarily because Tim misremembered and it’s a high jumper:


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