Psycomedia Episode 39 – The Trees Have Been Felled

Psycomedia Episode 39 – The Trees Have Been Felled

Babies reaching:

The cartoons used by Kohn, Spheer and Qube:

A table of drinks and desserts in terms of their gender identity:

Google Images’ take on masculine vs. feminine food:

Sarah Haskins talks yoghurt:

The body fat of pole vaulters calls this advert into question. Primarily because Tim misremembered and it’s a high jumper:


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5 Responses to Psycomedia Episode 39 – The Trees Have Been Felled

  1. Frans van Bellen says:

    Thanks guys, I feel very girly now.

  2. Sam says:

    Women are sometimes criticized for being too manly, but it’s mostly the organizers of athletic events saying they did too well to be women, which is kind of a disturbing commentary on how sexist athletic people are.
    I wonder if anyone will listen to this podcast and thing Meera Desai is too funny to be a woman.
    On the issue of humo(u)r and superiority, some genres of humor work by being unexpected, so laughing at something is admitting that you had not already thought of the particular twist that the joke is playing on. I think this would come up most in spontaneous wordplay within conversations, because all members of the conversation would have had roughly equal time to think of that comedic juxtaposition.

  3. Sam says:

    And “thing” should be “think” in sentence two.

  4. Peter Mohlin says:

    I would just like to point out that the cartoons in that image are all taken from the wonderful German comic Nicht Lustig (Not Funny) which is an awesome comic and everyone should read it. It’s available at [url][/url] (or [url][/url] for the English version of the same. They are all very nonsensical quite often taking their funniness from the absurdness of the situation depicted.

    For example: [url][/url]

  5. Peter Mohlin says:

    Hmmm… I tried to post a comment but it appears to have gone missing so here we go again:

    The cartoons used in the geometric study are all from the wonderful German cartoon Nicht Lustig (Not funny). The funniness of this cartoon is based on the absurdness of the situation.
    It can be found at (or for the English version).

    An excellent example is:

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