Psycomedia Episode 69 – The Horror of Frankenpodcast

Psycomedia Episode 69 – The Horror of Frankenpodcast


  • Hough, L. M. (1992). The’Big Five’personality variables–construct confusion: Description versus prediction. Human Performance,5(1-2), 139-155.
  • McAndrew, F. T., & Milenkovic, M. A. (2002). Of Tabloids and Family Secrets: The Evolutionary Psychology of Gossip1. Journal of Applied Social Psychology,32(5), 1064-1082.
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The Creature from The Ginger Lagoon only ever drinks the Ginger Lagoon cocktail:

A Nazi Crow, the ultimate enemy:

What Ben should do instead of hate Windows 8:

Baron-Cohen Empathy Test: provided us with two Ben Kingsley’s for our hero and villain. What about our co-hosts?

Timothy Swann = Jim Carrey/Victoria Beckham

Ben Fell = Jon Stewart (Leibovitz)

Media of the Week:


Star Drive:


3 Responses to Psycomedia Episode 69 – The Horror of Frankenpodcast

  1. psycomedia says:

    Never a truer title.

  2. Gordon Jones says:

    I liked the part that wasn’t Psychology, even when Ben was accusing me of being a spam bot lol.

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