Psycomedia Demi-Episode 92 und ein kleinepig – The Old Spice Mines of Vincent Cassel

Psycomedia Demi-Episode 92 und ein kleinepig – The Old Spice Mines of Vincent Cassel


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If someone is arguing falsely, hit them with a song:

Where is Ben? Get this game, I might make some categories for it and post it on the Facebook page.

Get a more reliably unreliable source of information:

The genuine first two Ben rumours and Tim rumours:


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Psycomedia Episode 92 – Time Travelling South African Idiot Kevin Pietersen

Psycomedia Episode 92 – Time Travelling South African Idiot Kevin Pietersen


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Which TFT episode should Ben listen to see why Tim ships him so much with Ryan? is the best way to find out!

Of course the article is by Laurie Penny. Of course.

Decent #makeupselfie -

Sleazy #makeupselfie

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Psycomedia Episode 91 – BPS Research Live Jest

Psycomedia Episode 91 – BPS Research Live Jest

Psycomedia Episode 90 – Manipulandum

Psycomedia Episode 90 – Manipulandum


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Chilean whale graveyard:

Line of Duty:

The PCL-R:

There isn’t art but there is fanfiction of Ash and Barret together:

bodyswap2 bodyswap





Cars that could make Tim salivate:

Psycomedia Episode 89 – Plenty More Fish in the Science

Psycomedia Episode 89 – Plenty More Fish in the Science

Fake Valentines 1

Fake Valentines 2


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A podcast whom a twitter reply from makes Ben very happy:

A podcast that has challenged us to a Civilization V battle:

A podcast that Tim was on, in a studio and everything:

An article about changing expectations of marriage, via Ben:

A video of an awesome crow for no reason: