Psycomedia Episode 97 – Young Frankenpodcast

Psycomedia Episode 97 – Young Frankenpodcast


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The prop for Force Deadly Ship:

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Psycomedia Episode 96 – Commuter Simulator 2014

Psycomedia Episode 96 – Commuter Simulator 2014


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The amazing work of Peter Hammerson to bring us Enzo:


See his work at

See the experiment being done by Rachel in this video:

Alien and the Oculus Rift – not recommended for the paranoid:

Goat Simulator:

MetalHead Media:


Psycomedia Demi-Episode 95 and a half – Kentucky Frontal Cortex

Psycomedia Demi-Episode 95 and a half – Kentucky Frontal Cortex


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Psynet is back. To celebrate, check out the actual company unironically called Skynet.

She stole her voice from

Contagious cancer except not:

Brooklyn and Cash:

Spurious Correlations:

Lost Treasures of the Black Heart:




Psycomedia Episode 95 – The TIE Bombers of Mice

Psycomedia Episode 95 – The TIE Bombers of Mice


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The Venus Callipyge / Aphrodite Kallipygos

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Unite Synchronization

It’s not that there isn’t an episode this fortnight, it’s just the definition of what ‘this fortnight’ is is changing.

We prepped an episode, but actually, other parts of our lives in two-weekly cycles make it difficult to record. So if we timeshift by one week, it actually becomes a lot easier. We’ll be back on the 30th May with a spooky full episode, and then will continue two weekly.

In other words.