Psycho Logic Volume 1

Psycho Logic Volume 1

This is a compilation of contributions made to the We Have Issues podcast called Psycho Logic, with a new introduction explaining the concept. It basically looks at the overlap of clinical psychology with comics. I highly recommend visiting We Have Issues, and if you enjoy this show, the new installments will be there first!

In this volume:

Harley Quinn and the ethics of stress as a therapist

Psychopathy and is Batman a psychopath?

Harvey Dent and diagnostic approaches

Case Formulation and formulating Batman

Captain America – stressful life events, adjustment, culture shock and PTSD

The Hulk – what is ‘health’ and ‘illness’ and the stress-vulnerability model


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2 Responses to Psycho Logic Volume 1

  1. Charles says:

    Hurray! Psycomedia partially returns! Hello Tim! It’s too bad that you and Ben haven’t been able to get back to regular episodes; there has been SO much comedy potential in the recent “replication crisis” bedevilling experimental psychology.

    Congratulations on entering a doctoral program! This probably means that you will be even more unavailable for proper psycomedia episode recordings, but good news nonetheless. (On the other hand, I work two jobs and am single-fathering three small children, and still find time to get together with my science-buddies to record episodes of the Book of Nature Podcast, so…) Bring back Ben!

    Can clinical psychology comedy be done? Of course! Clinical psychologists are hilarious!

    I suspect that the Avengers do have health insurance, provided by the Maria Stark Foundation.

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