Psycomedia Episode 92 – Time Travelling South African Idiot Kevin Pietersen

Psycomedia Episode 92 – Time Travelling South African Idiot Kevin Pietersen


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Which TFT episode should Ben listen to see why Tim ships him so much with Ryan? is the best way to find out!

Of course the article is by Laurie Penny. Of course.

Decent #makeupselfie –

Sleazy #makeupselfie

1934 Prison Glossary:

ace—one year sentence.

bag, in the—a sure thing.

bang—an injection of a drug.

banner, carry the—to walk the streets at night homeless.


Big Ben—the whistle that announces an escape

Big Boy—Principal Keeper.

big shot—an influential inmate.

bird cage—the cell in one of the new buildings.

bit—term of imprisonment.

blocks—playing cards (surreptitiously made out of wood).

blocks, give him the—refer for psychological testing.

blood sucker—the doctor who takes the Wassermann test

boat, go on the—to be drafted to another institution.


book—a life sentence.

Boss—the “Warden.

Box A—the institution for insane convicts.

broad—a woman.

bug—to declare insane

bug, have a b. on—angry, excited, or antagonistic.

bug doctor—psychiatrist or psychologist.

buggy—a Negro

bug tests—intelligence tests

bull—a detective.

bust—to hit.

burn—to be electrocuted.



case note—one dollar.

cat’s eyes—tapioca.

chatter box—machine gun.

cheaters—eye glasses.

chicken feed—small change.

chisel—to borrow things or to live on one’s wits.

chiv—a knife.

confidence man—a swindler.

clinker, in the—to be locked up.


creep—a worthless person.

customers—inmates recently admitted.

dance hall—the anteroom to the electrocution chamber.

deuce—a two-year sentence.

deuce—a two dollar bill.

dick—a detective.

dip—a pickpocket.

dope—a stupid person.

drop—to catch with stolen property.


ear bender—one who talks too much,

elephant ears—apricots.

fin—a five dollar bill.

finger, put the finger on—to give information concerning a person or

to identify.

fire bug—an inmate here for arson,

fish eyes—tapioca.

fish eyes and mud—tapioca and chocolate pudding,

floating parole—parole in which permission is given to travel,

frisk—to search.

gee-chee—a Negro from Charleston, S. C, who is teased for his soft

speech, the blame for which is given to a diet composed largely

of rice.

goat meat—veal, lamb, mutton.

goldbrick—to avoid work.

grand—a thousand dollars.

grease ball—an Italian.

greenhorn—an immigrant.

hack—a guard.

haircut, get a—to have syphilis which is usually accompanied by

marked loss of hair.

hang up—to charge or owe.

hard tacks—commissary candy.

harness bull—a patrolman.

heb—a Jewish inmate.

high ball—right of way.

hoist, go out on the—to commit a robbery.

hole—cell in the old cell block.

honey—a fruit train.

hooker—a warrant.

hot squat—the electric chair.

hot seat—the electric chair.

hustle job—a crime requiring speed.

ice box—an up-state prison known for its severe climate.



keyster—a suitcase.

Kimona—a coffin.

lay—site or plan of a robbery.

lazy—a guard on the wall.


long drag—a train of 100 cars or more.

lumps, get the—to the beaten up.

lush worker—one who picks the pockets of drunken men.

man—a guard.

mickey fin—strong laxative.

moll—a gangster’s girl.

money joint—a place worth robbing.

mope, cop a—to steal away.

mountain goat—mutton.

mouse—an informer.

mouth piece—lawyer.


mug—a fighter, or a criminal.

mug—to photograph.

muggles—marihuana cigarettes.

mystery—meat loaf.

nose, keep your nose clean—mind your own business.

pack in—to quit or give up.

paper hanger—a forger.

peddler—an inmate who steals and sells state property.


poison—a tobacco train, so-called because of the armed guards it

pull a job—to commit a crime,


queer, shove the—to pass on counterfeit money.

rap, take the rap—to take the blame or accept the punishment.

rapper—the complainant in the ease.

rattles—small change.

reefer—a refrigerator car.

reefers—marihuana cigarettes.

ride the lightning—to be electrocuted


rod—a gun.

roll—to rob a person, to hold him up and go through his pockets.

rope, take a—to hang oneself, to commit suicide.

rubber heels—meat loaf.

sawbuck—a ten dollar bill.

scram—to get away.


screw—a guard.

scrip—a dollar bill.

shill—the confederate who starts the buying for a sidewalk peddler.

shiv—a knife.

shivved, to be—to be stabbed with intent.

short story writer—a forger.

showboat—the draft to other institutions which takes place about the

time of the annual theatrical performance of the convicts.

Siberia—an upper state prison known for its severe climate

skirt—a girl,

sleeping bill—black jack,

sleeping time—a short sentence,

slow bit—a short sentence

snake eyes—tapioca.

snarl—to offer resistance (said of victims of a robbery),


squawk—to complain,

squealer—an informer

steam up man—one who arouses others to commit a crime,

stem, main s.—the main street or business section,

stick up—robbery,

stretch, do a—to serve a sentence,


suckers—convicts recently admitted.


swag—contraband articles not allowed to be in possession of inmates.


ticket—a report to warden’s court for infraction of institutional rules.

ten years—a ten dollar bill.

tower hack—a guard on the wall.

trick, go on a—to commit a robbery.


wagon wheel—a silver dollar.

whip it—to throw away.

whistling weed—tobacco given to inmates by the state.

works, give the—to beat up.

years—a bill; five years is a five dollar bill, etc.






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