Psycomedia Episode 83 – Sharp Breasts

Psycomedia Episode 83 – Sharp Breasts


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Dave Gorman tells stories familiar to Ben about mistaken ethnicity:



The brilliant article on analysing Blurred Lines as a text about dog-training:

A rather horrifying pet ‘parody’:

And this isn’t much better:


3 Responses to Psycomedia Episode 83 – Sharp Breasts

  1. Charles says:

    It has been more than a week and the episode is not up at iTunes.

  2. Sam says:

    Apparently the stabbing was by a Harry Potter fan waiting to hear Seth Rogen talk about the film Paul at a ComicCon panel. I haven’t seen that film, but I doubt it usually inspires that sort of murderous enthusiasm, so that might have just been incidental.

    I haven’t read it in a few years, but I thought the Manifesto used the phrase “community of women” as they tried to dispel some rumors. Even if the allegations were unfair, I think the people making them would have disapproved of the youth orgies Stalin eventually had to crackdown on.

    I took a course on Marx and Nietzsche, and in the class in which we transitioned from Marx on alienation to Nietzsche on genealogy, a student commented that matrilineality is flawed too because there are cases in which the person who gives birth isn’t the biological mother. This anachronistic comment was the perfect setup for me to make the pun, “Surrogacy is alienated labor”. In that context, it killed.

    I’ve heard a lot of people talking about how ubiquitous Blurred Lines is, but I have neither seen nor heard song itself.

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