Psycomedia Episode 80 – I Like My Women Like I Like My Tea

Psycomedia Episode 80 – I Like My Women Like I Like My Tea


  • Barelds, D. P., Dijkstra, P., Koudenburg, N., & Swami, V. (2011). An assessment of positive illusions of the physical attractiveness of romantic partners. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships28(5), 706-719.
  • Harden, K. P. (2012). True Love Waits? A Sibling-Comparison Study of Age at First Sexual Intercourse and Romantic Relationships in Young Adulthood.Psychological science23(11), 1324-1336.
  • Inman-Amos, J., Hendrick, S. S., & Hendrick, C. (1994). Love attitudes: Similarities between parents and between parents and children. Family Relations, 456-461.
  • Mallandain, I., & Davies, M. F. (1994). The colours of love: Personality correlates of love styles. Personality and individual differences17(4), 557-560.

Lexicon – the book that Tim is reading:

Civilisation V:

Tim’s too lazy to make this image the red button: IS DISGUSTING


2 Responses to Psycomedia Episode 80 – I Like My Women Like I Like My Tea

  1. Charles says:

    Year three! Hurray!

    Congratulations on reaching this developmental milestone. I look forward to seeing you develop the concept of object permanence, and eventually master the conservation of matter.

    My Introduction to Psychology students made this video for you:

    It (I believe) helped them learn the proper attitude toward interpreting correlational data.

  2. Ben says:

    Charles, just as, through writing this song, I appear to have made at least one Canadian deeply uncomfortable (front row, left hand side), you have, through posting this video, made one Englishman feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Thank you, this is probably the coolest thing that has every happened.

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