Psycomedia Episode 71 – Successfully Drinking Vodka Jellies Off A Friend’s Back As Part Of A Sex

Psycomedia is now fortnightly for the foreseeable future.

Psycomedia Episode 71 – Successfully Drinking Vodka Jellies Off A Friend’s Back As Part Of A Sex


  • Argyle, M. (2003). 18 Causes and Correlates of Happiness. Well-being: The foundations of hedonic psychology, 353.
  • Bastian, B., Kuppens, P., Hornsey, M. J., Park, J., Koval, P., & Uchida, Y. (2012). Feeling bad about being sad: The role of social expectancies in amplifying negative mood. Emotion-APA12(1), 69.
  • Wadsworth, T. (2013). Sex and the Pursuit of Happiness: How Other People’s Sex Lives are Related to our Sense of Well-Being. Social Indicators Research, 1-21.

Watch the Game of Thrones theme song as sung by the cast:

Beautiful Wolverhampton:

This is a nurse shark:

Snake-Necked Turtles are weird:

Media of the Week:

Immanu El rerecorded:

Surgeon Simulator 2013:


Rainier Wolfcastle:

Relative wealth and mealth summed up philosophically:

(from )


4 Responses to Psycomedia Episode 71 – Successfully Drinking Vodka Jellies Off A Friend’s Back As Part Of A Sex

  1. Gordon Jones says:

    Sharks, Wolverhampton and friendship. This episode has all the hallmarks of being something I would love to the pit of my soul, instead I hated it, finding it insulting and dull. I’m getting the impression that Tim is very much a lukewarm comedian not hot enough to leave a mark or cold enough to satisfy, just vaguely counting as comedy and rising in effectiveness depending on the mood of the listener. I suppose that makes sense bearing in mind Mister Swann’s stated love of Stewart Lee but Stewart Lee is an acid, dry and acerbic with immense wit while Tim remains an unpleasant alkaline, wet and tasteless.

    Ben is awesome, being uncompromisingly intelligent, witty, able to cross the line twice and nice and self effacing enough to stop any hatred one might feel compelled to feel on the occasions he does cross the line.

  2. Charles says:

    Excellent episode. Psycomedia is a variable that accounts for a small but significant (p<0.01) amount of my happiness. That jingle about correlation is now stuck in my head. The second line, though, is a bit hard for me to understand; how does it go?

    Sorry to hear that you have to go to fortnightly schedule. But I understand and will try to Keep Calm and Carry On.

  3. Ben says:

    It goes ‘post-hoc doesn’t ergo propter hoc’. It is specifically designed to annoy those who know Latin…i.e. Tim.

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