Psycomedia Episode 65 – Frankenpodcast Created Woman

Psycomedia Episode 65 – Frankenpodcast Created Woman

We return in an International Women’s Day Special (not really  – just where we’ve got to in the idiosyncratic naming process)


  • Auslander, P. (1998). Seeing is believing: Live performance and the discourse of authenticity in rock culture. Literature and psychology44, 1-26.
  • Dembo, M. H., & McAuliffe, T. J. (1987). Effects of perceived ability and grade status on social interaction and influence in cooperative groups. Journal of Educational Psychology79(4), 415.
  • Eerland, A., Guadalupe, T. M., & Zwaan, R. A. (2011). Leaning to the left makes the eiffel tower seem smaller: Posture-modulated estimation Psychological Science, 22(12), 1511-1514. doi:10.1177/0956797611420731
  • Tversky, A., & Kahneman, D. (1981). The framing of decisions and the psychology of choice. Science211(4481), 453-458. and its thoughts on Psychology:

The Agents of Cracked:

The Magdalen Arms:

Media of the Week:

Sim City

Josh Widdicombe on XFM:

Josh with James Acaster:

Also, check out the amazing The Last Leg:

Someone has put all of The Sims 3 Loading Screens together. That’s a lot of splines getting reticulated:


2 Responses to Psycomedia Episode 65 – Frankenpodcast Created Woman

  1. McCouillan... according to Americans. says:

    Youse trying to pronounce Saskatchewan was the high point of my evening.

    Sometimes I imagine if we skyped, Timithian, that it would be much along the lines of how I listen to your podcasts. You’d be explaining something sometimes, and I’d just be sitting there looking at gifs of Tennant licking his lips, and tune you out completely.

    Also this podcast just stopped loading then restarted itself due to a donchy router. I’m just going to cry instead of re-listening.

  2. Charles says:

    The only possible Kahneman pun is the invention “Can-O-Man” from the animated Tick episode “Tick vs Science”.

    My sympathies with your car trouble. I just recently got stranded on the side of the highway in the middle of a Saskatchewan snowstorm with a car that developed engine problems of such a degree that it is not worth fixing (when a mechanic says that he won’t even consider taking your money to try and fix a car, you know that car is toast).

    And now, to dull the pain of carlessness, I will bask in the warm glow of having been declared the best backfeeder.

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