Psycomedia Episode 63 – You Winson, You Loseson

Psycomedia Episode 63 – You Winson, You Loseson


  • Bulkeley, K. (2002). Dream content and political ideology. Dreaming12(2), 61-77.
  • Bulkeley, K. (2006). Sleep and dream patterns of political liberals and conservatives. Dreaming16(3), 223.
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  • Winson, J. (1990). The meaning of dreams. Scientific American263(5), 42-48.

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Dead Space 2:

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Tetris Effect:


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Male, Republican 14:

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One Response to Psycomedia Episode 63 – You Winson, You Loseson

  1. Charles says:

    Hello, Tim and the other one. Greetings from Saskatchewan!

    I’ve been listening to the podcast for a while now, enjoyed it immensely, and a bit of it has even begun making appearances in my lectures. For example, the story about Squire stabbing the corpse was a new one on me, and far too good to keep from my students, so I restructured an entire lecture on memory in Cognitive Psychology into a knock-down drag-out free-for-all between Buckley and Squire (sadly my department budget was not sufficient to cover the cost of yaks), culminating in a recounting of the sad fate of Squire’s perforated cadaver. In addition, I assign my Introduction to Psychology student a homework project involving listening to and summarizing a psychology podcast, and yours is at the top of my list of recommended podcasts. Your episode on the horrendous psychology magazine reminds me of my own rants against a similar publication on this side of the water: Psychology Today (hock patooey). So you have a fan out here among the frozen wheat fields of the Canadian prairies.

    You had asked for demographics and dreams.
    Age: 38
    Video Games: I used to play a lot (my wife and I spent many happy hours teaming up in World of Warcraft), but the birth of our children put an end to all that. Nowadays I’m lucky that I have time to play online chess with another professor who’s down in Georgia.
    TV: I do watch a couple of hours per evening, after the children have been put to bed. I don’t have cable, so we watch TV shows on DVD and online (my Media of the Week is the show Once Upon a Time. Robert Carlyle does an outstanding job as Rumpelstiltskin)
    Political Allegiance: I am politically conservative (being a US/Canadian dual citizen, I did actually vote for Bush, though not for McCain, opting instead for the Libertarian candidate). According to Inbar & Lammers (2012), this makes me a very rare specimen, as my doctorate is in a combined social/personality psychology specialization (hurray for terror management theory!). I do find this odd, though, since the more social psychology I learn the more convinced I become that conservatism is preferable to liberalism.
    Not an echidna, though I have been described as a yeti. I am not competent to comment on whether or not yetis have the requisite neural structures for dreaming.

    My weirdest dreams: I generally do not remember my dreams. When I do, though, they are outstanding, especially when I feel stressed. My best anxiety dream occurred shortly after graduating from college. While I submitted applications to PhD programs, I worked whatever jobs would pay the bills, and during that time I spent a year as a school bus driver (that’s right, students, that’s what a BA in psychology qualified me to do). Part of the test for becoming a bus driver was a mechanical inspection of the bus. Being mechanically inept, this caused me great anxiety, and one night I dreamed about it. I was taking the mechanical inspection portion of the test, but I was having difficulty completing the test… because we were attacked by a horde of flesh-eating zombies. So the remainder of the dream was spent trying to successfully complete the test with one hand while fighting of legions of the living dead with the other.

    Inbar, Y., & Lammers, J. (2012). Political diversity in social and personality psychology. Perspectives on Psychological Science, 7, 496-503.

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