Psycomedia Episode 61 – The Canary’s Tusks

Psycomedia Episode 61 – The Canary’s Tusks


  • Amiel, J. J. and Shine, R. (2012). Hotter nests produce smarter young lizards. Biol. Lett., 8, 372-374.
  • Hall, K. R. L., & Schaller, G. B. (1964). Tool-using behavior of the California sea otter. Journal of Mammalogy, 287-298.
  • Jacobs, L. F., & Liman, E. R. (1991). Grey squirrels remember the locations of buried nuts. Animal Behaviour41(1), 103-110.
  • Santema, P., & Clutton-Brock, T. (2013). Meerkat helpers increase sentinel behaviour and bipedal vigilance in the presence of pups. Animal Behaviourin press,

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Media of the Week:

Them by Jon Ronson:

House of Cards:

A smug lizard of increasing intelligence:

A maverick turtle:

Maverick Turtle

Bees that can recognise explosives: Stealthy Insect Sensor Project

South Park Otters:

Point Lobos:

Point Lobos

A tool using otter:

Tool Use Otter

Jan Swammerdam discoverer of queen bees

Tad Dorgan inventor of The Canary’s Tusks (and the bee’s knees)

Hedonism squirrel:

Hedonism Squirrel

Darth Jayder:

Darth Jayder

Darth Maleval:

Timothy “Bultar” Swan(n):

Kind squirrels:

Original meerkats hate:

New meerkats hate with Robert Webb-Burdess:

The Tape Face Tapes: (feat John Henry Falle)

The closest we could get to a Communist Badger:


Otter Pop recipe:


4 Responses to Psycomedia Episode 61 – The Canary’s Tusks

  1. I feel my Mystery, Alaska comment may have been misinterpreted somewhat, so I have decided to explain the joke and thereby ruin it. You’re welcome.

    In the film Mystery, Alaska (which I like, by the way, thus once again proving that the Reception section in Wikipedia is worthless) a small town in Alaska (called Mystery) has a proud tradition of amateur hockey matches, which the entire town is devoted to. (It is this devotion that reminded me of it when Ben spoke about his village pantomime.) After a town native writes about the game in Sports Illustrated, claiming that it showed skill comparable to that in the NHL, the New York Rangers (well known as the hockey equivalent of the RSC) fly out to take them on in what the NYR players regard as a publicity stunt, but which the locals take Very Seriously Indeed. This then led me to the mental image of Ben in a confrontation with ex-RSC member Brian Blessed over the correct way to play a pantomime bear (for people to exit stage left pursued by), which amused me no end.

    So there you are. In an unrelated note, minus a hundred points from Ravenclaw for not knowing that House Of Cards was a remake of a famous (and extremely good) UK miniseries from the 90s.

    Yours pedantically,


  2. Also, having seriously wounded my legs last year, I can confirm that medicinal honey is not just a World War 2 thing, but is a treatment used by the NHS to this day.

  3. psycomedia says:

    Thank you Ciaran, +100 points to the house of your choice for the Brian Blessed Bear image. -1000 points for Harry Potter references (who am I kidding, putting me in the same SENTENCE as the big B-dog nets you a tidy million). As to House of Cards, live podcasting should come with a warning “Persons in this medium are sometimes less ignorant than they appear”. Finally, I am glad honey is still used, them bees gotta eat. Hopefully your legs are now better, and, like all the better things in life, slightly sticky.

  4. Legs are indeed better now, and it was definitely the best smelling of the treatments they got. And I’ve already refunded the 100 points to Tim on Twitter when he let me know that it was omission rather than ignorance, so you can go beat him up to get them back.

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