Psycomedia Episode 59 – Facehuggers Tend To Be Extroverts

Psycomedia Episode 59 – Facehuggers Tend To Be Extroverts


  • Back, M. D., Stopfer, J. M., Vazire, S., Gaddis, S., Schmukle, S. C., Egloff, B., & Gosling, S. D. (2010). Facebook profiles reflect actual personality, not self-idealization. Psychological Science21(3), 372-374.
  • Brossard, D., & Scheufele, D. A. (2013). Science, New Media, and the Public.Science339(6115), 40-41.
  • Wagner, D. T., Barnes, C. M., Lim, V. K., & Ferris, D. L. (2012). Lost sleep and cyberloafing: Evidence from the laboratory and a daylight saving time quasi-experiment. Journal of Applied Psychology97(5), 1068.
  • Zak, P. J. (2012). The Moral Molecule. Bantam Press.

The Up-Goer 5 checker:

Homer Simpson screaming:

Wilhelm screaming:

A new example from Heart of the Swarm:

The two podcasts Tim’s been on released this week:

Dissecting Scrolls Solves Christmas

(featuring Just A Minute, Pointless, Sith Apprentice and Call My Bluff)

MOMBcast #172 – the Substitute MOMBcast Squad

For Hulk Mash get Hulk Smash:






It’s okay if this snowdog turns into a real dog. But a snowbear turns into a real bear you are in trouble:

There might not be Sky Longships (yet) but there is this in Star Wars:

Media of the Week:

Danielle Ward – Speakeasy:

Seven Psychopaths:

Christopher Walken in Annie Hall

Check out the fluff of The Moral Molecule for yourself:

The test gave me this sadface:

Try buying Oxytocin Spray!


Invisible Bread:

Cyberloafing on a Helicarrier:


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