Psycomedia Episode 57 – Statistics Are Like Bikinis

Psycomedia Episode 57 – Statistics (And New Years Resolutions) Are Like Bikinis


  • Bernstein, B. E. (1977). CROSS-CULTURAL STUDY OF SIXTH-GRADERS NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS: MIDDLE-CLASS VERSUS MENNONITE AND AMISH YOUTH. Social Behavior and Personality: an international journal, 5(2), 209-214.
  • Marlatt, G. A., & Kaplan, B. E. (1972). Self-initiated attempts to change behavior: A study of New Year’s resolutions. Psychological Reports, 30(1), 123-131.
  • Norcross, J. C., Ratzin, A. C., & Payne, D. (1989). Ringing in the New Year: The change processes and reported outcomes of resolutions. Addictive behaviors, 14(2), 205-212.

If you are an injured sportsperson or know one, please contact

Feedback from – check out their posterous and the podcast therein.

Just some of the windiness of Fish Hill:

Ze Frank:

Sample videos:


Replicating baby pictures:

Miles Hewstone as misrepresented by the Daily Mail:

What Miles actually said in the TES:

And a follow-up Daily Mail frontpage:

Various Richard Wiseman links:

Gorgeous bikini pictures:

Super hot bikini pictures:


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