Psycomedia Episode 56 – The Revenge of Frankenpodcast

Psycomedia Episode 56 – The Revenge of Frankenpodcast


  • Atran, S., & Norenzayan, A. (2004). Religion’s evolutionary landscape: Counterintuition, commitment, compassion, communion. Behavioral and brain sciences, 27(06), 713-730.
  • Barrett, J. L. (2008). Coding and quantifying counterintuitiveness in religious concepts: Theoretical and methodological reflections. Method & Theory in the Study of Religion, 20(4), 308-338.
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Worcestershire is a small world and this person is in it:

Pappy’s Tumblr:

A Bear Claw:

Media of the Week:

A The Wire clip with Tim and Ben’s respective favourite characters:

Skyfall Train Scene:

Archer and an Ocelot:

The Old Republic aka TORtanic:

DDO – Dungeons and Dragons Online:

LOTRO – Lord of the Rings Online


Not sure what the context of this popcorn eating is:

How can anyone resist popcorn this awesome:


Sexual orientation matrices (by no means comprehensive):

Primary vs. secondary sexual attraction model:

Sexual Orientation Primary Attraction? Secondary Attraction? Primary Desire? Secondary Desire?
Sexual Yes Yes Yes Yes
Demisexual No Yes Yes Yes
Asexual No No No Yes

Storms’ model:

↑ homo- eroticism high
Homosexual Bisexual
Asexual Heterosexual
low high

Tim’s Alignment Matrix (Formality/Ethical):

Lawful Gentleman Gentleman Neutral Chaotic Gentleman
Lawful Guy Guy Neutral Chaotic Guy
Lawful Lad Lad Neutral Chaotic Lad

Ben’s Alignment Matrix (Class/Ethical):

Lawful   Lad Lad Neutral Chaotic Lad
Lawful Guy Guy Neutral Chaotic   Guy
Lawful Bro Bro   Neutral Chaotic   Bro

X Factor Voice:

The Fascistic Land of Hope and Glory at the Fascistic Last Night of the Proms:


Mathpunk tag on – soon to include The Dynamic Modifiers:

Don Caballero:

Bob Monkhouse’s bad gig:

The weirdest comics crossovers:…


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