Psycomedia Episode 53 – The Quantum Entanglement Between Me And Kieron Gillen

Psycomedia Episode 53 – The Quantum Entanglement Between Me And Kieron Gillen


  • Atran, S., & Norenzayan, A. (2004). Religion’s evolutionary landscape: Counterintuition, commitment, compassion, communion. Behavioral and brain sciences, 27(06), 713-730.
    Barrett, J. L. (2008). Coding and quantifying counterintuitiveness in religious concepts: Theoretical and methodological reflections. Method & Theory in the Study of Religion, 20(4), 308-338.
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Amanda’s doodles:

We publish all fan-art.

Media of the Week:

Thought Bubble


The MOMBcast



Stacey’s Pop Culture Parlour

Dissecting Worlds (Officially endorsed by Tim. Officially unendorsed by Ben)

Geek Syndicate


Chris Doherty – The Whale House:

Unseen Shadows Year One:

The Common Swings:

Luke Surl:

Matt Dyson:

Graham Johnson:

Kate Beaton:

Warwick Johnson Cadwell:

Adam Cadwell:

John Allison:

David Wynne:

The Haul:

Nude Doc Ock Hall:

Squeak Rogers:

The glittering dome of the afterparty:

Tim, looking ridiculous as ever:

Some cosplay on Flickr (Tim saw all of them in the flesh): (Tim met this Zatanna, her tumblr is ) (Tim also met Holly. he had never seen her not in her Loki gear)

The view from Tim’s hotel bedroom:

Look sir, droids:

David  in the process of sketching Tim’s stormtrooper:

Ian Sharman, who cares and knows enough about Star Wars to argue the finer points with Tim:

Quirky face Graham Johnson and Holly:

The failure of quantum entanglement led to this Kieron Gillen:

Whereas my clothes came from 

Find out what British people think about anything for free:

Vote Jim Gordon:

Vote Judge Dredd:

Single power superheroes:

Hero generator:


3 Responses to Psycomedia Episode 53 – The Quantum Entanglement Between Me And Kieron Gillen

  1. oh goody! i’m famous! pleasure to meet you at the weekend sir, and yes i’m now following what you do as well… hope you enjoyed the common swings!

  2. Paul says:

    For some reason, the file link isn’t hot and I had to copy the address into some other html code so I could download the episode.

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