Psycomedia Demi-Episode 51-and-a-bit – \m/ HEAVY METAL AND BEARS \m/

Psycomedia Demi-Episode 51-and-a-bit – \m/ HEAVY METAL AND BEARS \m/

This week, Tim is away, so Ben goes METAL


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Much (read: all) of the research for this week came from this excellent article:

Bjoffi, this week’s esteemed co-host:

Bjoffi responds to some negative feedback

Bjoffi auditions for the role of River Tam on Joss Whedon’s hit show Firefly

Bear tats

This week’s Media of the Week: The Sword

The Warp Riders, from the album of the same name

Huge Metal Fan

OK Bear Music


Schiller Institute…weird

Smokey the Cat – a really loud cat

Anthrax, from the album Stomp 442 – actually pretty good

Don Robertson and – really freuding weird

And his blog…yup

And finally, the lyrics to this week’s outro, you will probably need them.

There’s Power metal, Cello metal, Gothic and Symphonic Metal
Metal that’s Experimental, even Medieval metal
Pagan, Folk and Celtic metal, Funk and Troll and Viking metal
Rap and Crust and Thrash and Speed and Groove and Glam and Stoner Metal

There’s metal that’s Progressive, Post or even Neoclassical
There’s some that’s new (but spelt N U) and sounds quite like Industrial
There’s Versions of Death metal both Melodical and Technical
And even Christian metal that is really quite respectable

There’s Doom metal that’s Gloomy Sludgey Droney or Funerial
There’ Grindcore, Gore- and and Pornogrind with lyrics quite venerial
There’s Metalcore, Nintendocore and Mathcore for the metal nerds
Or Deathcore, Deathgrind, Blackened Death or Death’n’roll if death’s preferred

There’s many types of metal from Extreme to more Traditional
It’s a frankly f**king foolish task to try and learn to list them all

See also


2 Responses to Psycomedia Demi-Episode 51-and-a-bit – \m/ HEAVY METAL AND BEARS \m/

  1. McQuillan says:

    The bear unfortunate|y gave me a headache and I stopped |istening to the episode before the ha|fway-mark.

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