Psycomedia Episode 51 – Less Ghostly, More Holy

Psycomedia Episode 51 – Less Ghostly, More Holy


  • Riekki, T., Lindeman, M., Aleneff, M., Halme, A., & Nuortimo, A. (2012). Paranormal and Religious Believers Are More Prone to Illusory Face Perception than Skeptics and Non‐believers. Applied Cognitive Psychology.
  • Li, Y. J., Johnson, K. A., Cohen, A. B., Williams, M. J., Knowles, E. D., & Chen, Z. (2012). Fundamental (ist) attribution error: Protestants are dispositionally focused. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology; Journal of Personality and Social Psychology102(2), 281.
  • Newberg, A. B., Wintering, N. A., Morgan, D., & Waldman, M. R. (2006). The measurement of regional cerebral blood flow during glossolalia: a preliminary SPECT study. Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging148(1), 67-71.

The inspiration behind Sex, Crux and Rock and Roll:

Festival of the Spoken Nerd Live Dates:

Pictures of Ben and The Girlfriend‘s pumpkins:

Media of the Week: Sherlock Holmes

And with the advent of Elementary, I re-introduce our Holmes and Watson matrix poll:

Empire (Strikes Back) Magazine’s thoughts on SW7:

Frog Fractions:

Ben’s pictorial examples of religious figures in food etc:

Mitchell and Webb on religious patterns or otherwise:

The brilliant Dr Brian Parkinson aka Marvin the Paranoid Android describes attribution theory using Harry Potter:

Branches of Christianity and why just saying Protestant and Catholic can be tricky:

A good prime for belief in the soul:

The brilliant song Glossolalia:

Municipal Darwinism, both brilliant and scary:


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