Psycomedia Demi-Episode 50ish – Laughs with Psychopaths

Psycomedia Demi-Episode 50ish – Laughs with Psychopaths

This week, Psycomedia becomes Psychopathicomedia!


  • Kiehl, K. A., Smith, A. M., Hare, R. D., Mendrek, A., Forster, B. B., Brink, J., & Liddle, P. F. (2001). Limbic abnormalities in affective processing by criminal psychopaths as revealed by functional magnetic resonance imaging. Biological psychiatry, 50(9), 677-684.
  • Mahmut, M. K., & Stevenson, R. J. (2012). Olfactory Abilities and Psychopathy: Higher Psychopathy Scores Are Associated with Poorer Odor Discrimination and Identification. Chemosensory Perception, 1-8.

American Political Debate joy:

Ben sends this wonder:

Media of the Week:

David Fincher’s The Game

Psynet’s voice provided by the excellent

Have a go at the very same psychopath test here:

Dr Ludger Brink:


Very little can express how bad these smell:

A graph of trait psychopathy in students:


One Response to Psycomedia Demi-Episode 50ish – Laughs with Psychopaths

  1. quistnix says:

    If you miss the Lucasarts point & click adventurers, you really should try Size Five Games’ Ben There, Dan That! and Time Gentlemen, Please!

    They’re smart, funny and have psychopaths.

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