Psycomedia Episode 49 – Animals Part III – All Horses Are Robocop

Psycomedia Episode 49 – Animals Part III – All Horses Are Robocop

Wondering where Animals Part I is? Look here, we did it a long time ago!


  • Fureix, C. (2012). Towards an ethological animal model of depression? A study on horses ONE Alerts, doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0039280
  • Gardiner, B., & Frewin, K. (2011). New age or old sage? A review of equine assisted psychotherapy Journal of Counseling Psychology, 6, 13-17. Retrieved from
  • Hewitt, S. E., Macdonald, D. W., & Dugdale, H. L. (2009). Context-dependent linear dominance hierarchies in social groups of european badgers, meles meles Animal Behaviour, 77(1), 161 <last_page> 169. doi:10.1016/j.anbehav.2008.09.022
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Magneto vs. Agent Smith doesn’t exist on the internet. Yet. But Boba Fett versus Deadpool does:

The Philosophers’ World Cup by Monty Python:

Another member of the ‘skinny’ subculture:

Media of the Week:


Brave/La Luna: 

A young woman in need of EAT:

Our foray into being not just bros but bronies:

(credit to )

Robocop and his robotic unicorn:


The incredible Sophie Christiansen of Paralympics GB:

Clever Hans was of course the counting horse:

A horse eating mints:

Horses eating Danny Dyer:

Horses being defeated by the heroic Dyer:

Greco-Roman Style:

Horsibal Lecter has this non-shopped image on google:

But typing it in also leads to this game review which pits him against various other farmyard serial killers Ramdom Earle (Twin Peak’s Windom Earle), Vlad Tepig (History’s Vlad Tepes aka the Impaler) and Moo Baker (Boney M’s Ma Baker).

Various gender-swapped Avengers (not sure any are French):

A pack of omega wolves:

The only image result for “lindsay lohan badger” is this:

It’s a gossip article linking her with Tom Hardy, definitively not a badger though much beloved by us here at Psycomedia.

Also, fortunately, the Internet has spotted what Tim spotted watching Inception this week:

If you haven’t seen this, then where on the internet have you been:

I apologise sincerely to Idris Elba for misnaming happy hardcore as hard house for this song:

This is someone talking about ketamine:

This is a nuclear badger:

This is an Obama badger:

The rare cover of The Children of Badgers:

And finally, the lyrics of Dyer Straits:

When we huddle round our campfire neath fallout ravaged trees
To shelter from the deadly acid rain
we murmer through our gasmasks and all of us agree
That Essex has gone down the drain

So we tell an epic tale that gives us reason to rejoice
in a mighty hero from our history
Who despite his tiny eyes, and his irritating voice
Still triumphed over all adversity

In times of darkness
His deeds they do inspire
No man was ever greater
No steaks were ever higher
He blazed a trail across the land
With a soul that burned like fire
And so we sing his mighty battle cry
…”oight I’m danny dyer”

He battled cross land facing monsters great and small
Many foes arose to put him to the test
He faced them all and even though he came out standing tall
his relevance to psychology was admittedly tenuouous at best

Perhaps twas this that led to his eventual demise
the bittersweet conclusion of this ode
but I think it much more likely that his downfall was devised
By his dark bequifféd nemesis kermode

In times of darkness
His deeds they do inspire
No man was ever greater
No steaks were ever higher
And though is awful acting
Oft invoked the critic’s ire
we keep on chanting out his battle cry
…”oight I’m danny dyer”

But though I’m sad to say it, there’s an end to every quest
Every life, however great, must run its course
And though danny’s life was great indeed, there is, I do confess
Nothing great about being eaten by a horse

In times of darkness
His deeds they do inspire
No man was ever greater
No steaks were ever higher
Ironic given his end in
An evil equine fryer
And so we sing his final dying words
…”oight I’m danny dy..oh god I’m being eaten by a horse aaaaargh” [Horse Noise]

But that’s depressing so instead we sing
Alright I’m Danny Dyer (Dyer)
Oh Danny Dyer (Dyer)
He never Die-ers (Die-ers)
Never Die-ers (Die-ers)

And so we sing his mighty battle cry
…”oight I’m Danny Dyer”

Danny Dyer!



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