Psycomedia Episode 47 – The Curse of Frankenpodcast

Psycomedia Episode 47 – The Curse of Frankenpodcast FIXED! I THINK! iTunes may lag


  • Kir-Stimon, W. (1977). “Tempo-statis” as a factor in psychotherapy: Individual tempo and life rhythm, temporal territoriality, time planes and communication. Psychotherapy: Theory, Research & Practice, 14(3), 245 – 248.
  • Vogt, B. A., & Laureys, S. (2005). Posterior cingulate, precuneal & retrosplenial cortices: cytology & components of the neural network correlates of consciousness. Progress in brain research, 150, 205.

Media of the Week:

The Thick of It: or for Amerikaner

In this clip, Ben’s favourite, Malcolm, tries to describe Star Wars (profanity level: Malcolm Tucker. That is the highest profanity level available):

In this clip, Tim’s favourite, Peter, creates an instant meme:

Those That Can’t:

The school crest of Tom Jones Comprehensive:

Babies – the new Romans

Ben keeps the obscure song count high:

The various podcasts that Tim has been infiltrating in the form of auditory syphilis:



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