Psycomedia Demi-Episode 37 – BEEP You Tim…BEEP You All To BEEP

Psycomedia Demi-Episode 37 – BEEP You Tim…BEEP You All To BEEP

Here’s those reports on swearing, if you were wondering what all those letters were:

There’s really nothing else to put in the show notes this week, so here’s a picture of a really happy bear:

Like...REALLY happy Bear

Happy Bear

Oh yeah references.

Jay, T. (2009). The utility and ubiquity of taboo words Perspectives on Psychological Science, 4(2), 153.

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Robbins, M. L., Focella, E. S., Kasle, S., López, A. M., Weihs, K. L., & Mehl, M. R. (2011). Naturalistically observed swearing, emotional support, and depressive symptoms in women coping with illness. Health Psychology, 30(6).

Stephens, R., Atkins, J., & Kingston, A. (2009). Swearing as a response to pain Neuroreport, 20(12), 1056-1060.


4 Responses to Psycomedia Demi-Episode 37 – BEEP You Tim…BEEP You All To BEEP

  1. Sam says:

    I participated in a thing called Mock Trial my last year of college, which involves, among other things, preparing the witnesses your side will call. I shared the gist of the Rassin and Heijden study with the people still on the team, and they seemed to like it, but I suspect their coaches won’t be entirely in favor of obtaining credibility through profanity.

  2. McQuillan, Actually says:

    I would’ve paid for an unbleeped version. D=

  3. McQuillan, Actually says:

    The icy water/swearing experiment was also done by Mythbusters, with opposite results regarding the pain tolerance of men/women.

    • Sam says:

      I wonder if that means someone’s sample size was too small, or that there are simply too many other more significant factors, producing more variation within genders than across.

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