Psycomedia Episode 32 – The Oxford Ocelots Versus The Worcester Weasels

Psycomedia Episode 32 – The Oxford Ocelots Versus The Worcester Weasels

Sumotori Dreams (No matter what Tim does playing this, he falls over).

Tim did a podcast:  It’s about Misfits, and Tim coins the phrase ‘sex Rogue’.

The Virtual Reality Environment:

Do not click this link if you value your memories of Mario: (Not Safe For Your Brain, also not Rule 34)

The USA Today article:


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One Response to Psycomedia Episode 32 – The Oxford Ocelots Versus The Worcester Weasels

  1. What are those things called where they're the same backwards and forwards? Like racecar! says:

    I did my best to listen to this whole episode… but I’m starting to fall asleep.

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