Psycomedia Episode 25 – Multi-Spencery Integration

Psycomedia Episode 25 – Multi-Spencery Integration

The psychology of puns:

The other people who use the horrendous phrase Back-Feeding, who are also a similar podcast on iTunes so you guys probably already know about them:

Korpiklaani’s Vodka:

Alestorm’s Wenches and Mead:

Heston Blumenthal’s Bacon and Eggs Ice Cream:

Our new cocktail:

Suggestions for others in the comments please!

The four songs used by North:

  • Powerful and Heavy – Carmina Burana – Orff –
  • Subtle and Refined – Waltz of the Flowers – Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker –
  • Zingy and Refreshing – Just Can’t Get Enough – Nouvelle Vague –
  • Mellow and Soft – Slow Breakdown – Michael Brook –


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ZAMPINI, M., & SPENCE, C. (2004). THE ROLE OF AUDITORY CUES IN MODULATING THE PERCEIVED CRISPNESS AND STALENESS OF POTATO CHIPS Journal of Sensory Studies, 19(5), 347 <last_page> 363. doi:10.1111/j.1745-459x.2004.080403.x


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