Blame France

This week, Tim and Ben saw each other in real life, which meant they had no time to record a podcast. Being in the same place reduces the probability of us actually creating Psycomedia. At least this time around.

So, why were Tim and Ben together (and thus necessitating writing this in the third person?)? We went to London to see Agalloch (a word of Greek origin meaning a form of wood resin, it has a similar word in Tamil), a post-folk-metal band.
Here’s a video of one of the songs they played (Tim’s favourite):

If you have a burning need for podcasts with Tim on, then he just finished recording the last(ish) Tim and Max Solve All The Problems With Popular Culture, all the episodes can be found here:

And finally, why should you blame France? Well, that’s where Ben is. And next week, he’s likely to be in Korea, so anything that happens with that is his fault.


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