Psycomedia Episode 24 – A Fully Functioning Chocolate Zoo

Psycomedia Episode 24 – A Fully Functioning Chocolate Zoo

This week is a bumper episode for Easter and also because Ben’s travels might make podcasting tricky over the next couple of weeks.

Grouse Eggs:

And the facts:

Last Rolo contrasts:


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4 Responses to Psycomedia Episode 24 – A Fully Functioning Chocolate Zoo

  1. baronmalakai says:


    I’ve just downloaded and given all the episodes to a friend of mine who happen to have a storage device with her, and is also a psych major, and who just submitted her masters, which, I believe, is a memoir of her life loving with Prosopagnosia.

    Shhh…she is French….so don’t hold that against her. It’s Ok, It’s Canadian French.

    I have enjoyed everything so far, and am current, so I am looking forward to not Tim … er … Ben… getting back and making some more funucational podcasts!

    Thanks all.

  2. Sam says:

    I really enjoyed the episode, so here’s a litany of feedback.
    Venn diagrams of exclusionary humor (okay, humour) are always entertaining.
    The bit on visiting the significant other’s family and having to go on a murder binge kind of reminded me of Arsenic and Old Lace, so if you’re looking for inspiration, that would be a good start (don’t actually).
    The endogenous dolphins made me laugh boisterously in public, but no one was around, so I guess I didn’t look like a crazy person.
    I’ve been studying Sartre this semester, so everything makes me think of bad faith. Sartre apparently took the position that the blind choose their blindness, because they construct what it means for their life, so he probably would have had fun with XYY. I think he and Heidegger would have had a lot to say about The Hunger Games given its focus on the role death plays in one’s identity.
    And to tie it back in, Sartre wrote a screenplay for a movie on Freud (The Freud Scenario). When the people making the movie told him that it was too long, he rewrote it, and then turned in a much longer version.

  3. Sam says:

    I just remembered that last semester someone in one of my classes gave me her last Rolo. At the time I had not seen their advertizements, should I have read more into that situation?

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