Psycomedia Episode 14 – What A Cheery Show We Have Today (!)

Psycomedia Episode 14 – What A Cheery Show We Have Today (!)

Footnote: It’s rude to Omega Point –

Teilhard de Chardin proposes that the force of organisation in the universe, which he identifies with Christ Logos, is situated at the end of time, thus the Omega Point. The Omega Point draws all matter inexorably towards it, increasing in complexity as it progresses through time. In this way, it may be argued that Tim’s joke was facetious – to even have the complexity to suggest rudeness, the action of Omega Point must already have beckoned his matter into a state of complexity sufficient to understand it.

Footnote: If evolution is optional –

Teilhard de Chardin also suggested that as humanity has increased in civilisation, the need to evolve due to purely selective pressure has decreased to a point where it is our choice – our free will – as to whether we continue to develop biologically. He predicts transhumanism/posthumanism in this regard. However, it can be said that, just as organ donation may work better opt-out as opt-in, given the choice most of us, barring Kevin Warwick (see Episode 10) would choose to stagnate rather than risk advancement and its commensurate risks.

Footnote: It’s in the frakking ship –


One Response to Psycomedia Episode 14 – What A Cheery Show We Have Today (!)

  1. Sam says:

    Thanks for another great episode. It provided some much needed laughter during this week of final exams and essays. I don’t know whether I achieved flow writing my papers, but it was a worth a try.

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